Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Color Challenge #7 : Dusty Blue

Ah! Dusty Blue!  
You can pair this with you Mauve and feel a flashback to the 80's!  
Sorry 1980's, you take a hit on the Neon's and the DUSTY COUNTRY DECOR!
You all knew this color was coming!

 Perhaps you still have a skirt like this in your closet?
Or maybe some Matching artwork on your walls?

This Fabric belongs to Willy.
(how many of you had dining chairs covered in this? curtains? valances?)
Seems he can use this for a few weeks Challenges! Mauve, peach, Dusty blue... LOL!

I tried to brighten the Grey/blue with some royal blue and pinks and plums.. Maybe not such a stretch from it's original color buddies of the 80's, but, I did try for pure color instead of gray color.
I don't find Dusty blue to be offensive as it does still show up a lot in fabrics these days. Especially since GREY has been so popular the last few years.

I did find i loved the LIME green with it... It seems to bring light to the fabric,
 or perhaps just the entire block!

Will you still add MAUVE to it now that you've dug it out of your stash? 
Or can you LIVEN it up with some fresh new prints?



sheila 77 said...

Bought a lovely dusty blue and white modern fabric yesterday. And I've got a viyella skirt just like that.

Irene said...

Count me as one who had chair covers in the decorator fabric. I think I still have some in the stash. If not this one, it's cousin.

Yeah for the blue. Can't wait to get started.

Brenda said...

were you snooping in my closet for that skirt? Actually, I don't have one like that, but my mother is guilty of many outfits with exactly that sort of fabric. On their 50th wedding anniversary party, all of us daughters and granddaughters paraded around in those skirts, with matching quilted vests.

Chris said...

dusty blue printed skirts and matching quilted vests? ouch...I've got my yellow and orange done, will post soon - now to dig through the deep stash for the requisite blue!

Lisa said...

Dusty blue . . . my 80's dining room was dusty blue. Not very inviting for the appetite! I do still like it though. I must have some!

Mego said...

Oh GOOD...just got my blocks all caught up yesterday and NEEDED a new one...yeah on the 'dusty blue'...I have LOTS of it!

janequiltsslowly said...

Dusty Blue & Rose Pink make me think of grey with no contrast. I like the additions of brights and lime. Time to go stash digging.

Julianne said...

Whoop Whoop! Its Wednesday and I have the day off..gonna go play with some DUSTY BLUE!!

Helen said...

Bet I have more dusty blue than anyone, and probably older and dustier, too! Have always had trouble using blues in quilts, so this is challenge is as daunting as orange for me.

Diane said...

I am embarrassed to admit that my wedding colors (in 1984) were dusty blue and dusty pink. Think Laura Ashley, and you'll have it. If I have any left, they're probably as dusty as Helen's are!

fiberchick said...

You are really taking us down memory lane!!!

Richard Healey said...

Do you know what the name of that block is? I have tried to find it in the past and cant find the name.

Richard Healey

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Yikes...catching up...and wondering where the heck I was during the 80's because I sure as heck don't recognize this color at