About 15 Minutes of Play

The basis of this site is using my
15 MINUTES block, by making fabric from scraps,
and or using found pieces and orphans,
trying new things, and exploring ourselves!

I encourage you all to try the process and and let the 
fabric speak to you as you build quilts from the inside out,
letting the fabric tell you what the next step will be.
By using these PLAY exercises you may find a design
that is unique to you, and make a quilt that is truly YOU and
not one that has been made many times over...

SO JUST PLAY, 15 minutes at a time, and discover colors 
and patterns and new ideas that can open up your creative process.

The 15 minute block is only the beginning,
Once you've created some "MADE FABRIC",
( as my grandmother liked to call it way back when )
what will be your next step?
How can you adapt it into something new and different?
Making baby steps forward in your thought process,
by play and auditioning other ideas, 
How can you build a quilt that is truly unique to you?

Come PLAY along on any of the projects at any time.
Then show us your work!
You can ask to be added to the site to POST your work,
or you can add your pics to the FLICKR group!

There is no wrong way, ALL I ask is that you try something new! 
Like starting with a blank canvas, pic up your scraps, make some fabric, and PLAY!

Only polite comments, and positive reinforcement.

Gotta a negative thought? Keep it to yourself.

This is a place to have fun, to be inspired,  to try new things...
and just play, to see where your creativity can take you!
Make something from nothing!

Then email me your quilt image to share on the website!
Let's inspire others by your beautiful work!

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