Thursday, March 6, 2014

SPRING Challenge!

Here we go! A new challenge!!! SPRING!!!

I am purposefully not showing you MY PLAY, as I want YOU to be inspired and find your own path… These are the bones of the new challenge… Your job is to push the limits and change at least ONE thing about this block and make something related to spring... Read on.


#1 - Cut a 3 1/2" square
#2 - Cut 3 7/8" square and cut once on the diagonal for 2 triangles….
#3 - Cut 7 1/4" square and cut on the diagonal twice for 4 triangles, ( you will use two.)

Makes a 6" block


1. MUST Include "Made fabric" somewhere in the block.

2. How can you take this block, and change at least ONE thing about it?

How to do that?  (stretch your design sense)
Questions to ask your self:

Can you adapt the blocks?
Can you change the sizing?
Can you turn the blocks on point?
Can you add to the block?
Can you change the block design subtly?
Can you add elements?
Can you play with the quilting?
Can you add a new technique that you haven't' done?
Can you turn it into a medallion?
Can you add embroidery?
Can you applique?
Can you use this as a starter element and make it into something even grander?

These are all ideas to start pondering and playing... how you can turn this block into a SPRING themed quilt.

3. Any size.. mini, or larger… no limit...Whatever inspires you!

Inspire us! 
4. Post your work and progress here! 

Show us what your doing! 
That's what we love about this site.
(for those who have posting rights on the 15minutes site)


Or  add to the FLICKR group

Or, you can email me and I will post it, (email image and your text, do not put in doc. or pdf.)

*NOTE: I will be away March 16-27 (so I won't be posting during that time, or answering emails)

5. Deadline: June 1st, 2014
I will find some prizes to give out at the end for a few pieces… Just to keep it extra fun!

Comment and begin!


Sewing In CT said...

oh yes! I have some ideas already!

ellen gets crafty said...

This sounds really interesting - count me in!!

Have great vacation.

Michelle said...

This sounds fun. I like that you haven't shown us yours. I'm in!

ebwhite said...

Yes, yes - I am in. I have just rearranged my pile of greens and nothing says Spring like the color green.

sophie said...

Victoria, this is a fabulous idea. Your basic block is very similar to one of my free block patterns - Modern Clover ... though my first idea is something completely different ;-)

I assume you want completed projects by June 1 and not just blocks ... is that right?

Carol E. said...

Even though I don't finish every one, I can never resist your challenges. I'm in for Spring!!

Venus de Hilo said...

Yay! I have just finished quilting something with a March due date, and have promised myself some "just for fun" sewing this weekend. This is gonna be it!

Unknown said...

First time participating in a Challenge so I'm glad this can grow as far or as little as the inspiration takes me. Here goes...I'm jumping in...No going back...Splash!

Unknown said...

I'm in! Gill

Willa said...

I am ready for a new challenge!

Helen said...

This looks so much like the Kusa Dogwood block I designed years ago. Just have to make it up now!

Anonymous said...

Just posted my 15 minutes of play on this idea to the Flickr group. Fun!

San-Dee said...

I'm in, too, it's time to get back to some play!

Debra in Ohio said...

This does look like fun. I'll try my best to complete a small project. I guess a table topper would be okay for this block. Since my word for the year 2014 is "release", I guess I'll have to release my hangups about which fabrics go with which and be uninhibited when deciding what to do on this block. Sounds like fun.

Marty Mason said...

I am so ready for spring....this fun challenge will surely bring it on. I'm in.

Unknown said...

I will give this a try!

Unknown said...

I'm going to give this a try! Just started back quilting after years of not doing it and I missed it so much :-)

Unknown said...

I'm going to give this a try! Just started back quilting after years of not doing it and I missed it so much :-)

Unknown said...

I will give it a try!