Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Challenge that keeps on growing!

Hi all! I wanted to share how I started my Spring Challenge and where it's headed after a fantastic sewing day on Wednesday.

I attended a Liberated Medallion Quilt workshop with Gwen Marston this past week and couldn't decide what to bring as my center medallion. Then I remembered the Spring Challenge--perfect!
Here's my piece in progress--under the photo I'll share the novel and other photos as to how I got here.

With a tight timeframe (I began piecing the night before the workshop!), I played around a bit in Illustrator first to figure out what I wanted to do. While I like the star concept, the third design spoke to me so quickly that I didn't even bother to spend time coloring it in.

I had these larger cuts of fabrics pulled from a recent shopping trip to take to the workshop:

So I pulled scraps in those colors and got to work on my made fabric: teal, green, red, and gold. Because I'd added in a few lines to Victoria's original shape, I decided to paper piece the blocks instead--so much easier! (And...I often skimp on fabric when paper piecing--the beauty of paper piecing made fabric is that if your fabric ends up short, you can just add to it--woo hoo!)

I made four blocks to join with sashing:

Here's my original Spring Challenge piece, before it grew too much:

Watch it grow:

Liberated borders:

I loved this workshop and can't wait to continue playing with this piece as it grows--definitely have plans to work in some more made fabric as I add borders. 

Keep thinking spring and eventually it will get warm, right?!?!

Parts dept.

 Playing in the PARTS DEPARTMENT!

During my 15 minutes classes, I teach the peeps their Y seam construction... Remember when we did that on this challenge (click here)

So... I have all these little starter samples below... Aren't they cute? Random willy nilly blocks, and so I thought... Well, what If I turn them all into tulips!

Great idea, but...I now want my Skies to all be BLUE!
So guess what?
I have to remake ALL my Y seams!  hehehe!

Gluten for punishment!! (and I Y seemed the green part below as well... They do get easier and easier! Go for it!

Loving my little spring garden...

Yep... NYC is full bloom today....

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A playful weekend!

PLAY TIME at the Nashville! I'm home from a weekend of teaching in Nashville for the Modern Quilt Guilds' Nashville Sewdown! We had so much fun! Fabric was flying &  ideas we were developing! All good! Check out the Mini Tumblers above, The Yoke below for a start of a child's dress, and some beautiful made fabrics below that!
I had long day trying to get home, from a cancelled flight to a 6:15am flight that was delayed until noon! But, I'm home, and happy to crash in my own bed tonight!

Have you been playing?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Challenge Finished

I had lots of trouble resolving this little quilt and in the end just wanted to get it finished.  I liked the layout of the original block in these first two pics but did not like the leaves.  Originally each leaf was a different fabric and fused on because I was unhappy with my applique skills. Not liking the leaves, I tried making them all the same.  

Then I tried my second preferred layout both with
the different fused leaves and with all the same leaves.  I opted for the different leaves but not being happy with the fused look, tried machine applique around each one.  I didn't like that either.

After some thought I removed all the leaves and settled on four fabrics for the leaves and hand appliqued them.  Here's the final quilt with a self-facing.  Ah-hhh!
                                     HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Challenge Progress

It has taken me awhile to decide how to progress with this little quilt.  I didn't like my first attempt to add made fabric to set the initial block on point.  After some unpicking I decided to go with some of my bright made fabric.  The outer border is made of 4" squares joined together.  This block is now 19 1/2" square.  Perhaps it will sit for a few more days now before I get some inspiration to continue.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Playing Among the Tulips

It's been a while since I have posted here.  A reminder to myself I need to play more.  At my last retreat I took a little time to play.  Creating several pieces of made fabric.
I had made one of these tulips before and knew I needed to make more.  I have a plan forming in my mind and I can't wait to bring it to fruition.  It includes the tulips, some orphan blocks and lots of scraps.

I hope to share more soon.


I used steam a seam lite and fused it to the the back of the lettering fabric. I free hand cut the letters, fused to the black backing and used different decorative stitches around each letter. I cut away the black fabric behind the letters and added a layer of batting just behind the letters. I added a whole layer of batting to the entire background and added backing.  I threw it on the Longarm to get caught up. ~Jolene

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flower power, play!

Doing my own little PLAY over here, on the flower spring challenge.... Before I sew anything together, I'm trying all my options...
Here is  a possibility... Now what if I repeat it and see who that looks?
I'm looking for something unexpected to happen when I play.... So far, I'm not seeing it.. But by doing this, I do see some elements I like here, with in the watt he scraps have fallen, which leads me to my next idea to try. I can incorporate them in the next one that I make...
More to come!

Would love to see more of your PLAY! I'm off to Cleveland to teach at the Original Quilting & Sewing Expo. Maybe I will see some of you there!
~ Victoria

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A PLAYFUL finish!

My Friend Michele just finished her Quilt that she started when I taught in CT, a few months back. She really had never "PLAYED" this way, and now she has a beautiful quilt done to give to her son. Time to bind, as it's fresh from the quilter!

It started with just a few scraps, and great and grew, and soon it was a bed size quilt, A TRUE intuition quilt!  I was lucky enough to get my fingers in there to fondle her fabrics…LOL!. Well done Michele! Looks great!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Challenge Top

I don't know what possessed me to make 9 of these blocks, other than delight at finding a purpose for some little purple HST units that have been hanging around looking to be put to use.

The scrappy aqua background blocks are constructed from some HST squares that were made for something else a while back, then pulled off the design wall when the result did not live up to expectation. So happy to have found a use for them here, even if they are now unrecognizabl.

I'm not a big fan of sashing, usually, but this one needed it.

My original plan was to make a scrappy border from large chunks of some lovely coordinating Amy Butler prints from the scraps bin, but wasn't thrilled with how it was shaping up, so I went shopping instead. The green Kaffe print is perfect, with all the same shades of green as in the flower blocks, and even a little lavendar to spice it up.

There are a few other projects ahead of this one in the ready-for-quilting pile, which gives me time to ponder how to quilt it. This will finish at around 38" square by the time it's been quilted and trimmed and bound.

Scrap Exchange

Last year we did a scrap exchange. I finally finished the quilt using scraps from the box i received and some from my stash. I have a fascination with half-square-triangles. This is the first I have made and I think there is a lot of room for improvement. I don't think there is enough contrast between the made fabric and the background.  More to come, because the possibilities are endless.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Redbud Sighting

My favorite time of year in Northern Virginia is about two weeks from now.  While thousands travel to see the stately Cherry Blossoms, I love driving the highways and coming upon a small glimmer of redbuds growing wild along the roadside.  Their color is so brilliant; gray and brown of winter still dominant with only a smattering of pale spring green seen.  Because we drive so fast here, the sight is gone almost as soon as it is seen.

Below you can see the parts of the block that began with the block Victoria posted.  I have wanted to depict this fragile time of spring for a long time but it wasn't until I added the gray and brown that I could see the effect I wanted.  Victoria said to try something new, so I "deconstructed" the block and added more pieces.  Then I added the flowers with a fancy stitch from my machine -another first for me!

Below is a picture I made with the Paint program on my computer.  I thought I was going to add brown and gray around the block to represent the woods and the road, but at this time, I think keeping it small as seen in the first picture above works better.