Sunday, June 6, 2010

I believe I'm done

I keep editing any ideas I have for embellishing and jazzing up my challenge quilt, “Saying Cheese”, so I might as well pat myself on the back and declare it as done, finished and finito. My taste is quite simple, so my self portrait just might be as well. The quilt measures the required size of 16”*20” and has those little folded triangles on the back for hanging.
You can see the process here:
The Lutradur base and touches of colour
Quilting the picture
Quilting the background

I have enjoyed this challenge (although it’s a bit weird working on your own face), and have (as so many others of you) omitted details like wrinkles and other signs of age (they are too difficult to do, you know…). Thanks, V, for a great challenge!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Congratulations! It looks great and I really love the quilting.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Well done!!! I love how it turned out! And I see you! great quilting! just enough detail! glad you enjoyed it!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful use of stitching and color, really came out nicely.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

It's a great finish!

Unknown said...

I love it, it looks like the picture and I love that you did it on the lutrador...very cool.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

It's wonderful!