Monday, July 19, 2010

me oh, my oh, scraps!

I have BIG clear bins,(otherwise outta site outta mind) and I have
and greens/browns
then a separate one for solids another for batiks...
and yet another for vintage...
BUT, when I work on a project, like this scrappy stars,
I pulled all the brights from all the bins,
and put them into one,
and that (above) is the bin I am working from...
that way you can still select what You want...
I stopped in at a quilt shop to day and picked up a few more bright fat quarters
as I had used up a bunch of my VERY brights...

yellows, red, greens, blues...
I'd buy a whole bolt of the kaffe polka dots in ever color, ( if I could...)

The stars quilt is taking shape...
even though I try to do my 15 minute block a day, sometimes I take
15 minutes just to stare at it, and move things around to give me another view,
another idea... because I just don't want to make another quilt, the same as any other
quilt I've made.

How many of you will persevere with a block a day until fall before
you put all your blocks together?

I want a big pile of them just to play with... oh joy!


Magpie Sue said...

I don't know about a block a day but I'll keep on keepin' on for sure. I took an hour to make 3 blocks yesterday and then today I made 2 in about half an hour. My pile of crumb blocks is already taller than I expected it to be!

I love the triangles poking out around your star block. :- )

CharlotteP said...

I'll keep on playing too! Maybe not a block a day...but fun with scraps os sooo much more fun than 'work' on the quilt I've promised to a friend...very like one I made before...bad mistake!!

Your stars really light up against the lovely pale yellow/pink background. Wish I'd thought of that. In fact, I searched my stash for a pretty light coloured fabric...not a one. Another mistake! But an excuse to buy more fabric...I DO need it!

Kim Brackett said...

I'm in. I don't think I'll make the block a day quota, but I'm going to keep playing until I make a quilt I can snuggle under this winter!

Your star quilt is looking really cool! Love those triangles!