Monday, July 5, 2010

My 15 minute start.

It actually took me a little longer than 15 minutes but I also got organized for this project. This bin has most of my scraps in it. A while ago, I spent a day sorting through my scraps and actually bagging most of them in categories and colors. This is what they look like dumped out. Eeks! I stuck my foot in there for perspective.
I really like V's little crumb blocks so that's what I'm going to do. I thought about making them bigger but I stuck with the 4 and a half inches. I made two. They look wonky but it's just because they aren't ironed, just finger pressed.

And, OH NO! this is what my scraps looked like when I was done. I can't leave this out for every day and it won't work if I have to clean up every day. Hmmmm? I decided I needed a kit so I can get right into it every day.

Ta dah!! I got this box at JoAnn's 4th of July sale yesterday. I picked out an assortment of my scraps and popped them in there, all ready to go. Every now and then, I'll switch out the scraps for variety. I'll let you know how well this works. And every now and then, I think I'll try something else with my 15 minutes. Any other ideas? Have a great day!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

aaawh! See! I am not the only messy quilter!
my scraps were like this at the retreat, and I was the messiest quilter... hehe! Hey! when you looking for just the right piece you gotta see you stash! ;-) it works for me!
Can't wait to see more! Nice start!

Betsy said...

your blocks look great! I am working on a crazy quilt and the blocks are very similar.

Shari said...

You've got some interesting fabrics there and I love your nail polish. I use a shoebox for the bits I'm using at the moment. Like you, I will be swapping them at some point. I like your blocks...

Michele said...

Your scraps are like a beautiful sunset. Your foot is pretty too! Sure like the first two blocks!