Wednesday, July 14, 2010

out of the box

Hi everyone!
I see some serious scrapping going on here... WAAAY more than 15 minutes!
hehe... addicting right?
Whatever works for you... I just have so many other projects that this is my indulgence to sit and take a 15 minute break to play out an idea other than what I need to be doing...

throw the box out...

Instead of thinking out side that box, throw it out... all together...

When your laying your blocks out, the most popular thing to immediately do
is to sash them.
if you do this regularly, how can you approach these differently?

how about on point?
or not on point.
how about adding another row of something around them before you sash them,
how about breaking up the sashing with small stars in the setting squares?
how about no sashing, just a WHOLE quilt of scrappy blocks, and NO borders.

woooo! getting crazy yet?
Pieced borders,
simple borders

options are endless...

Before you think your done with your scrappy blocks.
Maybe you need more...
Think about how you can make something
different than you have ever done...
there's no rush here...

Make blocks til September,
then when you have a load of them
And when you have extras, there's always a kitchen sink quilt
hiding in all of our sewing rooms!


Janette said...

I love the idea of no sashing but even more of a kitchen sink quilt. You are very bad for my self discipline at working from home. Thanks Victoria. Janette

shellysquilts said...

Hey V, I luv the title of this post, especially since I know for a fact you have never been in a box. (It takes one to know one.) Cool stuff my friend! Happy playing out of your box!

Kim said...

love kitchen sink quilts.......they are so lovable!
Makes my imagination go wild!

Happy Sewing

Kim Brackett said...

What an inspiring post! Makes me want to stay up all night and see what happens!

WoolenSails said...

You do whip up the blocks and quilts, I need to clean my room out again, from the last mess, so I can get to cutting up some fabrics.


Kath said...

My Goodness, imagine driving down the road and seeing that riot of colour and pattern hanging over someones balcony, I'd be so busy trying to get a closer look, I think I'd run my car into the hedge LOL

Material Mary said...

I love this quilt to death. What an inspiration to use up and experiment and enjoy. Love it to pieces!!