Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Member project

A work in progress... twin size

Using the phone book paper, as I did on the Strip piece for my guild quilt, 
again with a small stitch length, so the paper tears away very easily.

I made a series of 5.5" X 10.5" strips of all my blues....
Scrapped them together, making note to change up the direction of the lines as much as possible.

Making sure to have many diagonals as possible helps 
make it less obvious where your straight seams are


First group:

Charlotte P
LeeAnn, (nifty)
Mary K 
Shelly P. 
Myself (Victoria)


CharlotteP said...

Yes! Great idea - and another beautiful quilt you have there. Love the stars and pinwheels appearing from the randomness! And who was it asked 'do you ever sleep'? She was right!

Brenda said...

sure, I'm in. what colour?

Cherie in St Louis said...

You bet I'm interested (I can participate even though I've not contributed to this site, right?) I've been doing 15 Minutes of play ;)

beth said...

very nice Victoria.

23rdspiral said...

that's a great quilt! i'd love to but i'm not sure i'd have enough scraps in total, let alone of a single colour!

Nifty Quilts said...

I loved seeing your blue quilt this morning, as that's JUST what I was thinking of doing--one color quilts with my scraps! Yours is beautiful. Sure, I'm in on the bee.

Lynn said...

In this case having the blues is a good thing. Great quilt. Yes a bee, that sounds fun!

Mary Keasler said...

HUMMMMM sounds like lots of fun. Please count me in

alysowl said...

I just joined this site, but I've been following it for quite a while now. I would love to join, if you still have room.


Sujata Shah said...

Me too! I would love to join in the fun!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I want in! I have been looking for a quilting bee just like this. I was thinking that I would have to invent one myself and see if I had eleven friends!

glen: always ready for a new deal

Margaret said...

Have never been in a bee but there's a first time for everything ...
count me in if there's a spot!

Helen said...

Sounds like fun. Is there room for one more?

Helen B