Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm back!

WOW! 5 days without the Internet...  my Internet died last Thursday, and at 5pm today, (the next possible appointment), it took him 5 minutes to give me a new modem....  

I feel like I've risen form the dead! 320 posts in my reader... Will I ever get caught up?

Well, the really cool thing about all that, is, just how much you get done WITHOUT the Internet!

Weekend scrapper is done. I ran out of scraps for my center 5 sided blocks I was making, so I raided my stash and boosted my SCRAP bins as well!  not just with my own shaving off my yardage but with my scrap partners as well!

My scrap bins runneth over... but whose complaining?

I even dug into a bit of the new scraps to play today... but then got focused again on finishing a bunch of old tops and binding BASICS quilts.

You all have been busy!  I gotta go follow up on everyone...


Sujata Shah said...

Welcome back! The scrapper is looking fabulous!

Kim said...

Goodness 5 days without the internet....did you have withdrawal symptoms! I can't imagine it!
:0), I'm lucky I have my built in engineer who can fix anything!

Happy Sewing

Alexis said...

I am loving the solid HST blocks around the scrappy ones- nice!