Thursday, October 28, 2010

Posting Photos

Yesterday I joined, today I'll post photos. Actually, one photo of my very first randomly pieced crazy log cabins-Yes, I put the scraps/strips into a bag and pulled pieces out as I sewed. That's really "loose" for me!
I'm a fan of Gwen Marston's liberated patchwork techniques, and I've done some liberated stars and asterisks-but I've always been rather controlling when it comes to my colors and my fabrics. (Hmmm, am I controlled in the rest of my life? My daughter could answer that question, I'm sure). So working from a bag of scraps is a big step for me. I think the more blocks I make, the better they will look.

The liberated stars quilt shows the controlled side of me!
Thanks very much, Kathleen in CT


CharlotteP said...

YOur controlled liberated stars (!) look do the log cabins! There's room for both!!

Cindy said...

Your projects looked great! I haven't tried the stars or log cabins yet so I'll have to get to it! I wonder how much control I'll be able to give up!

Kathleen C said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments. K.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Don't think about your outcome.. focus on just sewing scraps together... it will take you on it's path the more you make... worry about where they are going when you have a load made of them... they don't need to look like much as you make them.. later you can decide if you want them to be stars, or sash them, or not etc... just enjoy the process