Monday, November 8, 2010

Let Play Time Begin!

 It was a hard week last week, work was particularly challenging.  You can imagine my delight when I got home to a little note from the Postman to say he'd left a package with one of my neighbours! 

Now I knew there was a certain package on it's way, so you can imagine the hint of excitement that was stirring  ....

So when I opened it up and found this little lot inside ....  wooohoooo!  Who cares I hadn't won the lotto....

Cos I got a package all the way from Glen!

And you can bet your bottom dollar I fondled every single piece of scrap into the box!  Hehe!

There seemed to be an interesting trend coming through, so this little collection of black and green has been put to one side for a little immediate attention!  (including a little bundle of antique fabric from Glens' Aunts stash, how cool is that!)

Oh, and did I tell you we have a new fabric shop just opened up?  No, well, I can see a little shopping spree coming on for an apron!  Love it Glen!

But today I needed some postcards to send with a few gifties and Bee blocks, so I had a little play with some hand dyed fabrics from earlier in the summer. 

I love playing like this, I have to say it's my favourite way to play! 

Thank you Glen, you made my day!

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

so much goodness~! happy playing!