Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Have you ever walked through the Twilight Zone?  I did this afternoon.

I have about 5 really big deals going on this week and three of them culminated today.  So I have been home about 15 minutes all day and decided to answer a question from my blog.  When I got home for dinner, I looked at my blog and thought, hmmmmmm.........I KNOW I posted that answer!

(Twilight Zone music here)

So I kinda shrugged and reposted figuring I would get to the bottom of my brain blip tonight.

Basically, I found a post on a random blog somewhere during the week while blog surfing that said you could use comic book blanks to wrap your fabric for neat storage in your shelves.  And if you have been treated to a view of my horribly messy, barely able to take a step into quilt room, you would know that anything I can do to become organized is necessary.

If you want to see how messy just one corner of it is go here:

So I ordered some comic book boards over amazon.com and they cost me about $17 including postage.  They are heavy.  But I had a brainstorm about finding a comic book store in town and  got a package of 100 boards for $10.

And that solves both your mystery AND mine.

And I certainly do apologize for posting on the wrong blog, but was glad to be able to offer a good suggestion.......


glen:  upheavals can be learning times!  Just glad I didn't curse or swear or anything!

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