Monday, November 15, 2010

Sew along step one.

 Sew along with me,
one BLOCK a day for 30 days. 
just make fabric. 
do it for like 30 days... 

don't think about where it's going... 
you will find many happy accidents...

color combos,  
sewing joining techniques, 
y seams etc... 
or find a bit of fabric that made a nice shape, 
and it will lead you to where it goes next...

then when you come back to your regular sewing projects, 
everything gets a bit better... ;-)
your layouts, your color combos, your sewing, your IDEAS!

THIS is  about training your eye to see differently...
If you get hung up on the design or the pattern, then it's not fun.

It's like looking at art... 
IF you walk into a modern art gallery and say, I hate modern art.. 
you won't see anything interesting
you go in and say, 
I am going to find one nice thing about each painting, 
like say, one color or one shape... you open your eyes to a bigger picture...

(I am going to play with my friend Heather's XMAS line)


paper piecing:
 use a small stitch so the paper tears away easily, 
and mix up the directions of your fabric bits, 
more angles, means more interest))

just free piecing your scraps
(adding a bit on any which way as you go, keep going till you have a nice size piece, and trim down)

a new shape

(I am starting with DIAMONDS, paper pieced so I don't have to think about 
SIZE and I can vary my placements as much as possible)

3. Don't STOP.
Don't think about what the final out come will be.
Just make a load of fabric or blocks. 
( i have no idea how I will put these together... 
I just want to make them, and figure it all out later)

IN December, let's show all our blocks.
and start PLAYING with how to set them.
Time then to bring all your what if's to the table..
what I do this, or this or this...

5. POST your work.
so we can encourage you to  play!
and ooh and aaaah over them!


(now maybe I will get this XMAS quilt done!)
play along and help me out!


CharlotteP said...

Sounds fun!! And you are SO right about finding one nice thing to say...not only in art galleries either! If everyone lived by that priciple, the world would be so much better for it!

Sandy Panagos said...

Okay I will try it. I am usually a planner -- which makes it a lot more difficult to be creative. I promise to play AND to show something in December!

Sujata Shah said...

Oh... This is too tempting!

Encyclopedia said...

Okay, so i think i am linked in signed in, followed in, not sure if I am B'ed in...and not sure about the reply if anyone has suggestions about the reply thing, please advise...

Diane said...

This is exactly what I need for lots of reasons; the lack of planning, the use of Christmas fabrics staring at me... This is great!

23rdspiral said...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to play. In fact, I think that I have been playing lately. I've been making a quilt and have been sewing the trimmed-off triangles to make squares. I have been keeping them in a little bin beside my sewing machine. I think that I am going to go farther! Thanks for the callenge!

epban said...

I would love to play along if it's still open.