Friday, November 12, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Just wanted you all to know that I am still playing!

Here are the combined scraps from Victoria and Nifty's bee blocks. I made one for myself!

Is there a plan you ask?


Some sticks and stones from a different project.

And a house made of  'sticks'.
Two and a half inches tall!

Don't need much...

Just 15 minutes and a few scraps 

That's all!


Mary-Frances said...

Your blocks are great sujata, but love the mini-house!

CharlotteP said...

Never for a moment imagined you were not still playing...Love the blocks, specially the cool grey with spicy slices!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

oooh! they are cute!! I'm thinking wool woudl make some really cute blocks too.... hmmm, now you have me thinking.... ;-)

Sandy Panagos said...

Ooooooh, I love that middle one!! And that house -- those pieces have to be teeny tiny!!!

Mary Keasler said...

Never thought for a second that you weren't playing around with every 15 minutes that you could find! Love them all, but especially the gray sticks and stones. Gray is my favorite neutral.

Barbara Arcement said...

You have inspired me! Next, I want to try making a house. That looks like fun.
It was fun to play. I decided to try it today. Check out my blog to see what I came up with.

Nifty Quilts said...

Very playful and happy! They cheer me today.