Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello 15 minute players!
I'm all tangled in my lights over here...
I have a SMALL challenge for members of this site only.

  first 12 Players.

I had some fabric made by spoonflower, of red and green Christmas lights...
except, well, my red lights came to me deer hunting safety orange.

Using the 15 minutes play techniques, 
do you think you can take a 7" X 10" piece
of Orange X-mas lights and make it look Christmas-y?

If you wanna try, send me an email (or comment) with your address 
and I will pop a rectangle of it into 
the mail for you to play.

You must then post (not send back to me, they are for you to keep)
your final outcome BEFORE Christmas...
So you have to work fast!  ...or you won't get it done.
If you can do it in 15 minutes, that would be even better!


(just making sure I have this right, I forgot to write them all down when I mailed them!
Please let me know if I forgot someone...)

Bonnie H.

(as people make them I will link their name to their post...)


Michele said...

No one wants to play? I love orange and those old-fashioned Christmas lights.

Trudi said...

Great challenge V, but I doubt I can get them back to you before Christmas, we've had no mail for the last week because of the 15" of snow! Can't wait to see what others do with it though :)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I will give it a try!Thinking cap is on!!!

Margaret said...

Count me in ... I'll give it a try!

Lynn said...

me me me!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

post on the blog not send them back to me... ;-)

Alexis said...

Oh yes! Love the lights- I would love to play with them!

CharlotteP said...

Very tempted...but running short of time!!

Bonnie Hull said...

looks like you have enuf but if not, I'll play...

Trudi said...

Oh go on then! Count me in! Now I know I don't have to post them back to you :)

Carol E. said...

I am learning slowly. I keep making the same mistake... not checking this site often enough. I missed out on this fun challenge! But I'm enjoying seeing what people have produced.