Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting back into the world -- slowly, but slowly

Frank has been taking trips to the mail box for me, and it has not been as exciting as it would be if I were in the middle of the street jumping for joy.  He doesn't "jump for joy" under ANY circumstances, so I couldn't convince him to do more than a cursory jump for me.  But I am jumping for joy!  Somewhat.  It hurts to bounce.

My mind is racing and wanting to get to creating mystery!  Tomorrow I get some of the stitches out so if it is not too bad I can come home and SEW!!! 

I have chronicled the blocks I have received so far.  Let's see if I get them straight. Cross your little fingers!  ( I love the stamps.  I sort of collect weird and wonderful stamps and this has been a virtual stamp-a-thon!)

And I even have some of them mystery cut now!  I have to figure out what I am going to put them on.  Maybe I can drop by the quilt shop for some mystery backing, even though I seem to have tons and tons of yards of it in my possession. 

Thank you ladies!  They are marvelously wonderful and totally beautiful!


Brenda said...

I'm glad my blocks got there safely. get well soon, and take care of yourself.

CharlotteP said...

Take care of yourself, Glen! There are lots more to come and they'll still be there if you rest for a few days!!

Sujata Shah said...

Glen, I hope you feel better soon!
My blocks are on their way. These all look gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Rest up! And fell better! Can't wait to see what you do with all these blocks. Fantastic

Anonymous said...

What blocks Glen?
I didn't know we were sending blocks?
I'm really slow sometimes!

Magpie Sue said...

Savor what you have and play with them mentally so your body can heal as quickly as possible and THEN you can really play!