Thursday, January 6, 2011

15 Minutes Turn to 60 in No Time Flat!

I was excited to find some time today to start my 15 minute's amazing though how 15 can turn into 60 so quickly! I decided to use the multi-red rose fabric below as my jumping off point (it does look a little bit like flames in the picture but it really is roses). I love this fabric and bought it just because I loved it so much! It has been floating around for a long time and has found its destiny as part of my playtime! I got started with the wonky bit of a "flower" but am now feeling a little lost as to how to continue with might take my 15/60 minutes just to decide how to proceed! Loving the challenge though and glad to dust off my machine! Happy playing!!

Work in Progress - Wonky Rose


CharlotteP said...

Wonky rose looks like a great starting point for a quilt!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Make a whole lot of them before you think about where your going with it... Getting yourself to think more intuitively starts with not planning ahead... Make a WHOLE load of them. Once you have them, start sticking them up on the wall and trying many many different ideas... and let them tell you what should happen to them next through play. just make, don't think,

Alexis said...

Ooooh, I LOVE wonky roses- it looks great! Like V said- keep going, make more, then plan your garden!