Saturday, January 29, 2011


 I'm trying to beat back winter with some COLOR!  Snow is nice, but enough is enough!
I had a lovely finish yesterday, and it's on its way to it's new home.
( Shhhhhhhhhhh! don't tell...)
Are you all still making your 15 minute blocks? 
I'd love to see more. Please keep adding them to the 15 minutes play flickr site.. 
We all want to see your finishes!

How are the Intuition quilts coming?  I still need to finish my last row.. 
I went into procrastination/sidetrack stage.. I need to make a few more today...
and get back on the ball with it myself.

I know we have a bunch of projects going on around here, 
I'm restraining myself from adding more!
I have a bunch of ideas, but will wait... I want to see more finishes, before
I hit you with another idea... ;-)

Leave a comment and tell me which 15 minute projects your still working on...

Or perhaps some of you are ready for another challenge?
Some of you may need some inspiration...

Let me know.



Miki Willa said...

I am working on several other projects, but I am making time for my intuition quilt. One of these days, I am going to stop adding blocks, and start working on borders. I think I am close to that point. My 15 minute block the other day took about 30 minutes, but I like it and it only seemed like 15 minutes. I am always up for something new to try, especially on this site.

Helen said...

Am finishing up my Inspiration Indigo Bunny today. Still making my 15 minutes blocks and will post photo as soon as I get them up on the wall.
Not needing another challenge right now.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I have been very very busy taking classes from BONNIE HUNTER. Aren't you all just so jealous????

(Say yes!)

I did classes on Thurs and Friday and have one last one on Monday, then I had a Flavin Glover class last Saturday.

Result? you ask.

I now will have 4 more UFO's! LOLOLOL.

But I couldn't pass up either one of the lovely ladies since they just fell in my lap.

glen: and made me behind in everyting else!

Sara said...

I'm getting back to 15 minutes a day after being sidetracked with two projects that NEEDED to be finished.

Hope to be re-inspired for my Green Monochromatic strips.

CharlotteP said...

The pink heart quilt looks interesting! I'm working on more stars for my intuition quilt...trouble is (as well you all know)the middle piece is fun and SMALL...then as you run out of steam, you need more and more pieces!

Magpie Sue said...

I've been away too (not away from home, darn it, but away from the sewing machine). I suspect it might be a few more days before I'll be ready to be challenged with something new. I'm still trying to get caught up with what y'all have been doing the last couple of weeks!