Monday, January 24, 2011

Half way there

I decided to just say "done" on my second quadrant. I added a bit at the bottom to make it the same length as the first quadrant, a bit of black and white at the top - I will add some to the right side when I get all the quadrants done.

I put all the leftover pieces back up on the wall and started playing again. I moved stuff around, added some blocks that were previously hiding under the stack of bits and pulled them out and added them to the wall. I have a couple more pieces of "fabric" that I had been sewing together that I meshed into one large piece, added a green border on two sides, put some pink blocks on the other side and . . . up on the wall that went and everything else got separated out once more. I am thinking I need to play a bit more tonight - wait, it's getting late, maybe tomorrow night by making some more stars, houses, logs and who knows what else.
I've got to find a way to put in those quarter square orange, blue and turqoise squares. I have them sewn into groups of two, I may have to make them larger and play with them. We will see what tomorrows play will bring.


Miki Willa said...

This is fantastic. I really like who it is coming together.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Are you making fabric to fit these pieces together? Looking good girl!

Nathalie said...

Victoria, A lot of what is up on my wall now is made fabric. There is at least one piece in the first section and a couple in the second section. Some of my pieces are so small that it is hard to tell.