Monday, January 31, 2011

Intuition Quilt, Third go

I'm making real progress with the intuition quilt, but with all the sickness & not so much health that has been going around at our house; I have been falling behind on the documentation of the progress.

Anyway; the hot chucky border idea from this post took on a life of its own and became even hotter and more chunky than anticipated. I tried to find a balanced mix of prints and solids, darks and lights and with a little blue to break it up.

I started sewing the border block from the middle and auditioned different strips on the sides and top.The light dots were added to pick up the lights in the first block and the dotted border on the top.
The long red strip bothered me so I cut it in two and added pieces of blue and dark red.
I had no idea how long it would take to make this border block, but after hours it was finished and attached to the top. I’m thinking this is not a border at all, it’s more like a second half of the quilt and the reds are falling off the side. It needs more actual borders.

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Encyclopedia said...

I love the way its coming need for borders are creating...intuitively...I like it....