Thursday, February 24, 2011

DESIGN A 15 minute BLOCK challenge

While you all have been PLAYING, 
I tried through your comments to ask the 
questions to you to encourage you 
to continue trying new things...

What else can you do to it?
What else can you try that is DIFFERENT from the way you usually work?
What if you slice up those strips?
What if you try warm colors, with cool colors?
What if you mix solids and prints,
What if you just use solids?
What if you cut it and made a new shape with it?
What if you made it a medallion?
If you always sash your blocks, What if you didn't sash it...
What if you tried on point, what if you made fabric filler instead of sashing?
What if you...
 What if you didn't think of each piece as a block?


As we are working on our Intuition quilts,
most of us 
went beyond the block, 
which I think is a good trick to try to do...
Breaking free from a monotony of a 16 block quilt
can open your sense of seeing, while
working toward making a whole top at once...

Then again, there can be something really nice
about just making BLOCKS.

So for this challenge,

Let us focus on those 15 minute Blocks.

Many of us has made the blocks, and sewn them together
Period.  End of story.

But perhaps that little "made fabric" block is just the start of 
something bigger and grander?
Without abandoning your free thinking and movement 
like we did on the intuition quilts,

How can you take a 8" block and make it into a 12" block without 
"just doing what we always do, and sash it, and call it a day?"


 You can add to it, any which way you like,
Cut it, sew it again, cut it again, add bits, turn it rotate it, 
build on it.
You need to KEEP PLAYING to make it into a completely 
different block of your own design.
Then think about what will happen in the EMPTY SPACE..
Will you make more fabric to fill it? 
Will you border it with made fabric?

Your possibilities are endless and in YOUR HANDS!

Everyone on the site has a chance to make a UNIQUE 
block that you have designed YOURSELF through 
your play with your 15 minute block.


Using the made 8" fabric 15 minute block technique to start, 
show me a 12" completed UNIQUE block.
we should be able to tell where the made fabric is in your design...

You will have until MARCH 29th,
(my Birthday ;-)  to design your block.

At that time we will do a "SHOW"
of all the blocks,

And a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 
Winner will be chosen.

Just a little encouragement to challenge you all
to think and create like the artists, I know you are.

$40  CVQ gift card for 1st place
 $25  CVQ gift card for 2nd place
4 fat quarters for 3rd place

CVQ = Jackie from Canton Village Quilt works, 
Thanks Jackie!)

Don't post them on the site, 
I will do a post of them  after the 29th

Send me an email with your image, 
name, address and email address, 
blog if you have one included with your
submission by March 29th.

 (you are EMAILING ME the IMAGE of your block, 
do not SEND ME (via post office)THE actual BLOCK

Don't rush,
don't do what you always do,
just play, 
ask a lot of questions, 
try new things...

See what transpires!
Have fun!

bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


Lisa said...

Hey V! My b-day is March 28th! Haha

Nice challenge. I think I'll take you up on that.

Jan said...

Oh, I just love this block. You are so good at thinking out-of-the-box!!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

That sounds like fun, Victoria; I'm in!

CharlotteP said...

Have to try this one!

Miki Willa said...

I'm in. This will be great fun.

beth anderson said...

sounds like fun. Count me in. I am going to take a play day on Sunday.!!!!

Cyndi said...

I'm in, too. I have a block that I made, and I keep looking at it, trying to figure out what to do with it. I'm looking forward to "fixing" it!

Carol E. said...

I like this challenge. Haven't had much time to play lately, so I'm eager to sit down and have some fun.

Cyndi said...

Two questions: Do we post them as we complete them? (I'm thinking not) and should we send both "before" and "after" pics?

Judy said...

Hi All! Have finished my 12 inch block for challenge. But I can't seem to locate the email address to see the photo to Victoria?
Thanks for your HELP!

Judy said...

Thats suppose to be SEND.... Sorry

tropicslady said...

I sent in an email with my block photo, but having trouble sending photos through gmail the past week for some reason - please let me know if you do not get my block photo.....thanks!

Happy b'day - I'm April 1st (no foolin')...


Judy said...