Monday, February 28, 2011

And since I can post pictures, here are some more!

Here are my Plaid Dotty blocks.

They are the same blocks but on different backgrounds.  I took the one on the wood floor and didn't like the look so i moved stuff off the white design wall and put them there.  But now I don't know which one I like better!  I am really in love with these blocks.  There are a significant number of pieces that came from the local Purple Cow Resale shop from their 99 cent shirt rack!  The purple block has a sleeve of two of the shirts in there!

And I finished up Margaret's Virtual Bee Blocks.  These were so much fun I just kept making them and making them!
After I took a step back and really looked at them from a "Margaret" perspective, I realized that my blue block slash doesn't exactly read SOLID now, does it?  Sigh.  I decided to toss it out, but I really loved it so much with the others I have to include it in the mix.

I can see a lot of possibilities in a quilt here.  Dark with light slashes, light with dark slashes.  Green with orange slashes.  And I love that yellowish gold set too.  Oh, my, I am lusting again!


Margaret said...

Guess again, Glen! From a "Margaret" perspective, your blocks rock! Thank you very much!

Sujata Shah said...

I like your dotty blocks. I better get started on Margaret's blocks too.. Good, I came here to post today.. Falling behind is not good for me and her!

Nifty Quilts said...

These are fun! Especially those red and white stripe bits.