Monday, February 21, 2011

stripes and dots blocks and my latest play...

My first post, I'm new here.  (Hey there!)

Wanted to get the challenge blocks made and mailed to the big city.  They were fun to make!

I now realize that I have TONS of dot fabric.  I could make an entire quilt out of dots with little duplication.

And that I have a very limited selection of stripes.  I had to cut into my Ikea stash for a couple of pieces (but that's okay, I've had them a while and never found a use for them).

And that I do not have one single plaid fabric in my studio!!

Both blocks are 9" square (because that is the size of my only square ruler....)

Stripe Block:

 Dot Block:

I've also been working on a scrap quilt for the past couple of weekends.  A few more rows to go:

Peace, health & happiness,


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

stripey goodness! lover the colors! Oh what fun! great start on your scrap quilt! keep going before you decide what to do next... anything else you can do? Always ask those What if questions....
I'm here to egg you on! ;-)

Lisa said...

Very nice challenge blocks. Your scrappy quilt looks great too. Welcome to the madness! hahaha.

Miki Willa said...

Great stripes and dots. Your scrap quilt is looking good. Keep having fun.

Chris said...

Welcome Deb! Nice to meet another fabric horder haha - love your blocks - you have an awesome fabric collection! :)