Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wee Mary

15 minutes to play....
I had to play... I haven't had much PLAY time lately.. 
so I sat and worked very quickly making some fabric...
 This is a little MARY fabric I designed .... She's tiny about 3"X 5"
 And I wanted her to have a little place to call home....
 I also just basted these cute little quilt... for a little swap... 
It's sneak peak, I can't show you more!
hint hint...pretty Nifty huh?

 And, A little encouragement for us all to PLAY....

It's been fun seeing the stripes, polka dots and plaid Blocks!  
How crazy is that quilt going to be!
Keep posting your blocks!  they look great and inspire me constantly!

Are you getting your PLAY TIME in?

Make that time for yourself today... You deserve it!

Need a boost? 
 Do you have lots of tiny scraps laying on your cutting table? 
Only use those to make some fabric... 
Now you've killed two birds with one stone!

Happy Sunday!

;-)  - Victoria
P.S. In the future posts, When you  POST your IMAGES, can you please Click X-LARGE
 We can see them so much better... Thanks!
I want to see your beauties!


Nifty Quilts said...

Oh, so pretty--Mary and the sneak peek!

Helen said...

I do love the way you framed your little Mary. It is jewel-like!

Trudi said...

Love your little Mary, she's wonderful! Funny you should say about only using scraps from a current project, I'm doing exactly that right now :)

Miki Willa said...

The little Mary is wonderful. I love the way you framed her.