Friday, March 4, 2011


Hey everyone,  I won't bore you with lots of photos of my pre-progression on this quilt, but if you missed it and want to see what I originally posted, you can find it here.

Here's what I started with recently, which was shown in my other post:

I decided to take away the cactus green and the stripey fabric and sash the blocks with a variety of solid colors, and it turned out like this:

Tried my hand at sewing lots of strips of fabric together and then cutting at a 45 degree angle.  (so that the borders around the solid sashing would be diagonal.)  Well, I completely failed at that, even with the help of my husband who was laughing really hard (I guess I cut them all wrong), so I cut the pointy ends off those diagonal strips and I sewed them together and added more strips of fabric so that I could cut up the strata and make the border that you see in the photos below:

I really am getting good vibes from this quilt!  Here's a closeup of my stripey borders and you can see where there are a few diagonal pieces mixed in here and there.  (That turned into a GOOD mistake, I think!)

Have a great weekend - Deb.


Quilting By Celia said...

I liked the craziness of the stripey borders... more opportunities to use those scraps !

alibobbles said...

the different coloured borders on the blocks works really well and the scrappy sashing is inspired. you'll have so few little scraps left by the time you have finished!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Those are my kind of AHA! moments!
( A HAPPY ACCIDENT! ) ;-) Love all the made fabric bits in between, nice job! way to follow your instinct

Miki Willa said...

I liked where this was going before, but I really love what you are doing now. The scrappy sashing is wonderful.

Mary Keasler said...

I want one of each. You can't go wrong with either of your wonderful designs.

Alexis said...

Very fun!

Nifty Quilts said...

I'm loving this! Those different color sashing strips, along with the scrappy strips are great!

Nancy Bowron said...

You have given me a great idea! I have been stuck on a pastel quilt and now I have direction. Will post soon!

Val said...

Hi Deb, Thank you for your fantastic Inspiration! I have 35 blocks made and wondered how to put them together, this is just a brilliant idea. I don't know how to add my pictures to Victoria's blog but if you have a peek at my blog you will see 3 of my little creations. They are unsashed yet, but now I can't wait to try out your idea.
Thanks for sharing!
Val xx Oxfordshire UK