Saturday, April 2, 2011

Red with white stripe per your request

Although why I can't make a block with the white strip going ALL the way through it, heaven knows.  So I made extras.  Just in case you hate these.  (Like you really would.)  Here in Louisiana we call it "langiappe".  It is the 13th one in a dozen, a bit of extra tossed in the meat grinder or piece of hard candy for the kids at the local grocers.   (Pronounced lan-yap for you non-Cajuns.)

I did step out of the box and did a curved piece, and of course it ended up to be short.  Geez.

And then I pushed a wrong button and got this special effect ripples or glass blocks or something.  Now wouldn't THAT make a neat quilt?



Mary-Frances said...

Oh Glen, it's all good!! I love the curved piecing, very cool. Appreciate the extra blocks too, tres genereuse..merci bien!

The ripple effect is very cool, and yes, it would make a great quilt!

CharlotteP said...

The blocks look great! So does the ripple...maybe you could market it as a fabric design!