Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My SPICY 12 X 12 is going in the mail tomorrow!
Looks like SPICY summer salsa to me!

Hope it's enjoyed!
Do you like?

** Just a note for many of you 15 minute NEWBIES to the site...
We RUN TWO quilt BEE's on the site.
the 15 minute Quilt BEE
and the 

So if your seeing people sending each other fabric or showing tutorials, 
it's for the BEE BLOCKS MONTHS

You are welcome to make you own blocks if you see something you like! 
Be sure to post so we can see what you made as well!

In September Two new Bee's will start.
I will put the call out for new members during the summer. (not now)...
So keep that in mind. ;-)

Starting in MAY we will start posting Blocks of the month.

It will provide even more inspiration to the site!
Anyone can play along on those...
They are for you to make as you like...
I plan on making a whole sampler style quilt out of all of them!
You can do a tutorial too. go to 
Just email me...
bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


As for me... I can now exhale...

I have my Quilt show installed...
Are you in NYC? 
Come by Thursday evening for the opening.


Nancy Bowron said...

I hope your show is a success!

Judi said...

Oh I can't make it to NY so I hope you have a fabulous show. Take pictures for us please!

Miki Willa said...

Your show will be fabulous! I love Spicy. The colors are great.

CharlotteP said...

Spicy is beautiful...a quilt of these would glow!!

Margaret said...

Yummy SPICY ... hot-hot-hot!