Thursday, May 5, 2011


These are three of my past AAQI quilts....


Time for all you lovely 15 minute players to put your 
fabric making skills to a good cause!

Here Are The Rules:

  • Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts must be no larger than 9" x 12" No exceptions. Anything that hangs off the quilt (fringe, tassels, cording, handles, feathers, loops, etc.) must not extend beyond the 9" x 12" maximum size allowed.
  • Quilts may be Alzheimer's-themed, but don't have to be. They DO have to be quilts: that's three layers, and the middle one is batting of some sort.
  • Embellishments that can not withstand frequent stacking, sliding, shuffling against other quilts (or may harm other quilts that come in contact with them) are not allowed. No framed or mounted pieces.
  • Fast Finish Triangles are the preferred "sleeving" method.

START CREATING, But do not send until I get our group page set up with AAQI... 
I need a few days to see about numbering etc, so all of our quilts NUMBERS are together... 

MIKI will be posting more details about this project Shortly.
(Thank You MIKI!)

For this group Challenge I'd like to see you use what you've learned here, 
or inspired by things here so there is a cohesiveness to our group of quilts...

more info here:


Miki Willa said...

I will be happy to help. I make AAQI quilts regularly and really believe in it. The last quilt I sent was from made fabric. I even posted it here a while ago. What do you need me to do?

tropicslady said...

I was 'just' at their website before coming to the 15 minute play blog and decided I wanted to donate a quilt. How wierd is that! I'll definitely join in. Miki would be a great help to you, I'm sure.

Birdie said...

I have also been to their website and thought what a great idea for a fundraiser/awareness and maybe I could make one. It did kind of fade from my radar so I'm glad you brought it back here! My Grandmother has Alzheimers and I think that this is something I could do to help in my own way. Looking forward to getting started!!

JoAnne in southern California said...

I have bought two quilts and "won" four auctions from AAQI. May I suggest that the quilts you make NOT be Alzheimers themed? Alzheimers is awful but the idea is to raise money. I've overlooked many of AAQI's quilts because I would not want them hanging in my house, they're so depressing. The bright and cheery quilts/blocks I have seen on your site are terrific!

I look forward to seeing your quilts and acquiring one or more of them from AAQI. Thank you for spreading the word. Ami Simms is certainly doing a wonderful thing for all of us.

Helen said...

Thank you for this opportunity to help out. I have three friends in "early stages" and it is a real heartbreak. Want to do whatever I can here.

Magpie Sue said...

Oh excellent! Iv'e made a few Priority Quilts for AAQI but have been feeling guilty about not having done one recently. This will be the perfect excuse to get busy.