Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May BOM #2

I really like this block pattern.  Thanks, Margaret, for sharing it with us.  I decided to play with warms and cools for this one.  I also used a very pale creamy yellow for the background, even though it shows white in the photo.  The blues on their own are pretty warm blues, but when they are next to the warm oranges, they read as pretty cool.  Funny how colors are so relational.

I also made this AAQI quilt over the long weekend.  It is made with left-over HSTs and other scraps.  I still have so much of this food fabric left.  I will have to find something really fun to do.  I think two throw quilts and a mini are enough for now, however.


ellen gets crafty said...

Love your color choices on the pinwheel.

CharlotteP said...

You always have great colour choices...I love those deep teals with gold!

Margaret said...

Love your colors, too ... that AAQI quilt is beautiful ... I'm working on my third one.