Friday, May 6, 2011

More AAQI information from Miki

A big Thank You to Victoria for setting this challenge for us.

I have volunteered to take the lead on this challenge.  I have emailed AAQI to find out the best way for us to get started setting up our group page.  When I hear back from them, I will let you know all the specifics.  Each quilt must be registered before it is sent in, and I am waiting to find out the best way to do that for a group. In the meantime, you can get started on your one donation quilts.

Each quilt must be 9" x 12" overall.  This includes binding.  They are very strict about these measurements.  This size fits into a USPS priority mailing envelope.  For our challenge, please include the techniques and stykes we have been learning and using on this site.  I would also like to encourage you to use the fast finish triangle hanging method, which is the preferred one for AAQI.

If you haven't already done it, now is a good time to take a look at what quilts are already there.  I find it useful to look at the already sold quilts.  You can find them here.  The bigger the number, the newer the quilt.  If you want to see quilts made by someone in particular, go to the main page and type that person's name in the search box on the upper left.  The object of this challenge is to make small quilts that will sell to raise money for Alzheimer's research.  It is also a lot of fun to make these small quilts.

As you are making your quilt, think about your inspiration for the quilt.  One of the questions on the registration form asks you about this.  You will also be asked if you want to dedicate the quilt to anyone.  I think this is the only optional question on the form. 

It would be fantastic if we could contribute 100 quilts by August 1.  Please post your progress here or on the flickr page.  This challenge is open to anyone who visits this blog, as well as blog contributors, as long as you use one or all of the 15 Minute techniques and styles.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment, or email me at mikiwilla at gmail dot com.  Be sure and check here for updates as I get them. 
The mini quilts shown are some of my AAQI quilts.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I think this is wonderful. My favorite Aunt, who was more than a mother to me when I was growing up and was the grandmother to Carrie when she was growing up, had Alzheimers for the last 10 years of her life. I took care of her never knowing I would now be caring for my mother as well now.

I have funny stories and sad stories of both women.

I will be making one for each of them.

Thanks, Miki and Victoria, for setting up this challenge for us. It will help in ways we have yet to even know.


sheila 77 said...

Thanks Miki for all this information. My mother had senile dementia and I would like to do this for her and for all those who will be helped by this in the future.

Encyclopedia said...

Miki...I was trying to send you my number to your email...and it bounced as i remember...i am sending now...i got in before august number is 7825