Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pressing seams = play!

 Some scrappy fun! 
I found some bits and pieces and thought I'd sew them together
for 15mimutes to see what became of them....
 A nice to thing to do when you play is to practice your seam pressing... 
Either all open or...
Segment them...
 Do you all know about segmented seams? Sewing your intersections, 
then loosening the threads in the allowance so you can press them either 
which way to make these nice criss cross corners?

 When everything is pressed nicely, your top will lay so nice and flat, 
and also, your over all size will not be wonky....  
Always pressing to one side actually makes each side of your
blocks a slightly different size... did you know that?
Often for Made fabric, pressing one direction is what I do. 
But if your doing something that you want
more accuracy with, like on a standard block design, segmented seams
will give you a most accurate sized block

I was just having a little fun, and made it a 9X12...  I love how all the seams
look when pressed open, and it almost makes it a shame to stick it to the inside!

Now I want to make one of MIKI's Block tutorials.

Have you made one? 
Show us what your working on today.

Play, try new things... Inspire us!


Miki Willa said...

Thanks for this. Pressing is always a challenge for me. Did you get your registration number for the AAQI you did earlier?

Margaret said...

I found this post very informative ... and guess what ... the tutorial for the next block which I will be posting soon has visible seams on the front ...

Nancy Bowron said...

It's always nice to learn something new : )

Tonya Ricucci said...

wheeee, fun! I recognize some of those fabrics! As a hand quilter, I've been told that pressing seams to one side helps hold the quilt together better, but it's not an issue with machine quilting (except maybe just stitch straight in the ditch only).