Wednesday, May 4, 2011

thank you Maree!

Maree sent me MY 12 x 12!  Thank you so much!
I love that BRIGHT green and navy! And that little navy bit int he corner!
well done!  I have it hanging in my studio already!

I see many are being posted, 
please remember to SHIP YOURS before may 16th, so we can see them all,
and also add them to the flickr group so we can go see them all together!

How are you all doing?  
Are you nearly ready to send?


Sandy Panagos said...

Ohh, that's a cute one, too!

Michele said...

I just love that!

Chris said...

This is so fun! LOVE the colors - had a cool mod look too!

I'm LOVING seeing everybody's responses when they get their treasures! I mailed my secret quilt today! Look out - someone!!!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

sooooo jealous, yes, sooo jealous.