Thursday, June 16, 2011

AAQI update

I just wanted to touch bases on the AAQI challenge. 
I believe the page will be up very soon.
The hold up has been getting the photos posted of the quilts sent in.
There is always a delay, but that is okay.
Many of you have been sending me your registration number. 
Just to make sure I have all of you, please check this list. 
If I missed anyone, please email me again with your registration number.
So far, I have
Margaret (1)
Helen (1)
Glen (3)
Cathy B. (1)
Victoria (3)
Chris H. (1)
I have a feeling I have lost one of you in my email somewhere. 
Please let me know.
I have really loved each of your mini quilts.
Thank you to everyone who participates in this great challenge.

1 comment:

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Come on people, get this tiny guilts made, you know we are going to get alzheimers so let's find a cure quickly!