Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fast winds and my leaves are scattered

We had a tornado come through on Saturday night.  I had gone to a cooking class and luckily ten minutes after I arrived home it hit.  The weathermen say there was "no tornadic action in the Baton Rouge area" but I am here to tell you they are just plain wrong!

Our house is fine, but we lost power for 17 hours overnight and into Sunday morning.  Telephone poles were snapped in half on one of the main drags nearby.  Frank spent all day Sunday picking up branches and cleaning leaves from the yard.  When I rode through the "expensive" subdivision, nearly every house had a huge tree cut up in front of their lots waiting for the green trash pick up people.

And in the process my leaves were disturbed so that I got them mixed up from the envelopes.  I think it was  Hurricane DiNozzo, because I took two empty envelopes from his mouth yesterday morning.  Anyway, I think these are the correct attributions.  If no, let me know,.

Barbara's leaves on my patio with leaves that were clogging my rain gutters on the house.

Sandy's exotic leaves on the nandinas on the side of the garden path

I never found the envelope for this one again.  I am pretty sure they are Victoria's leaves displayed on my coleus and rosemary pot.  It was a good idea in my head, but not so good visually!
I think these are correctly labeled.  If not, let me know! 

I have to go now and see what that dog has in his mouth NOW!



Sandy Panagos said...

You got mine right, Glen! I swear that one leaf looks brown but it really is an olive green. I hope it doesn't mess up the look of your quilt! Glad you all are okay and that it was just a "pretend" tornado! LOL

Magpie Sue said...

Sheesh, I'm glad you and yours were not more seriously affected by the tornado!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

So glad all is ok... I've been through a few tornados in my life, I'll never forget them... Glad you rcvd the leaves! A little doggie drool on mine won't hurt... :-)