Thursday, June 9, 2011

playing catch up

i've been busy preparing lots of hand sewing projects for an upcoming period of convalescence. I have been itching to do the BOM so got the first one done today and will read up and do the next one tomorrow (if it looks straightforward!)

I really enjoyed it and will definitely make more of this one, now where can i put the instructions so i won't forget them.

my scrappie quilt is basted and ready for hours of hand quilting, I'm going for lots of coloured embroidery thread in bold stitches as my concentration won't be good and colours will really show up well agains the contrasting colours.

...... and i had a tiny bit of "made" fabric left for a little make. I support a friend's charity  (i sponsor a couple of children at school in Malawi where they are also building a new school) but want to do more so I am starting to build a stash of things to sell for them.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

love that heart!!
aren't the block of the months ones fun? love it!

Nancy Bowron said...

Your little made fabric heart is a great use of scraps! And I like the blanket stitch around the edges.