Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Solids Segmented swap partners were sent out this morning. 
Sorry about the delay! I'm running completely behind!

It is NOT a secret swap so feel free to chat with your partner, 
you can collaborate or not,
Share the same image or not...
Look at each other sites if you want...

How ever you'd like to do so...

Share your process and 
post your painting you are choosing to work from.

Ideas of things to post about:

What drew you to the image?
Is it color? shapes?
Will you use the same palette of colors from your image?
Will you pick your own palette of colors?
Is it your starting point of creativity?
will you follow it, or let it flow to your own design?
Are you inspired by your partner's work?
 Has your partner influenced you color palette?
Do you find all solids difficult to work with?
Easy to work with?

 Etc... some thing for you to think about....

 Share your process, how you worked,
How you approached the project.

 15"X 15" size
quilted, bound

Mail by August 1st.

--Happy Playing!


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