Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AAQI page updated

Our page on the AAQI site has been updated. 
If your quilt is not on the page, it will be if you have sent me your number.
It just takes time.
If you have not been able to make a quilt, it is not too late.
Another way to support this important cause is it purchase one of the wonderful
quilts on the site.  The August auction preview is up right now.
Because this is a totally volunteer organization,
(with the exception of the accountant who does this at a deeply discounted rate)
almost all the money earned goes toward Alzheimer's research.
I hope you all will help us reach our goal to contribute 100 quilts
by taking a few minutes to make one of these little gems.
A huge thank you to those who have already made quilts to donate.

1 comment:

Encyclopedia said...

I am almost finished with mine...gotta do that triangle thing on the back..finish the binding...i am excited...thanks sooo for coordinating.