Sunday, July 24, 2011


G'day!  This is my first post and I'm really happy to be here.  I've been busily sewing crumbs for my made fabric.

I've been pondering over blocks.

I finally settled on this block with the made fabric being used for the light part of the block and black for the dark part.  I love the way black makes things pop.  The working name for this is Crickey Cadel!  If you would like a hint why it is named that pop over to my blog.  I'm looking forward to visiting everyone's blogs to see what other awesome creations you all make!


ellen gets crafty said...

Welcome to the group!! Looking forward to seeing your made fabric quilt.

Terry said...

Crikey guess we're all excited. The pattern looks like a winner too and I wait to see your blocks. Haveagoodday from the opposite side of down under

23rdspiral said...

hi! i really like that quilt block pattern. so simple but dynamic. can't wait to see how it comes out with made fabric.