Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Bee Blocks for Mary with a History!

I had a lot of fun rooting around in my 99 Cent Purple Cow Shirt Collection.  I tossed in a couple of other goodies.  Like some of Frank's Dockers, couldn't resist that one.  I figured when you are old and grey you can point to those blue patches and chuckle.  Your great great grands will think you are crazy!

I want to make a few more.  Do these look OK to you?

Don't you just love the plaid in the center of the bottom strip?  That is the edge of the sleeve.  It is slightly seersucker and makes the wonderful scallops.  I had to put that on top and not bury it in a seam!

The flags are from the second quilt I ever made.  It is also the one I use in lectures as the Ugliest Quilt Ever Made.  It was really awful.  I used homespun and the stuff stretched and moved and nearly walked across the room. The seams are lousy because the machine I used was the machine I got when I first was married in 1972.  It had been used and abused and put up wet! It's plastic gears were worn down and barely moving. 

I don't think anything about that quilt was straight or square!  The blocks were log cabins with friendship stars in the middle.  Nothing but seams!

Guess what?  It is still a UFO!


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CharlotteP said...

You've got a great range of clothing in there, Glen! I'm still eying up my husband's shirts...