Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bug jars

The bug jars are part of the block of the month. They are for everyone to play with. We have not exchanged these like with the Virtual Bees did.

Make as many as you want and show off your fun blocks!!!!

You know how we often second guess ourselves? Well my finger was poised above the send button and this big moment of doubt swept over me......this is too silly......everyone else has done a more "traditional" block......I need to change my mind!

Then I took a deep breath and said, nope! I am going to do this.

Come what may.

I am so glad you all think it is fun!!!

Thank you, thank you. You are too good for my ego (or is it my id?)


1 comment:

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Glen, thanks for clarifying; I guess I've been a bit confused between the BOM's and the exchange bee. I thought they all had to be swapped, and I knew I wasn't in the swapping group.