Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally got the camera going for the Echo Challenge

Got back from the dog show (friend took Best of Breed with her nice Borzoi) and lunch with vet cousin Karen (who is crafty buy does not quilt but her son Matt is my biggest quilt recipient, he loves my quilts).

And got my camera from Valerie to take this picture.  I was a bit disappointed with it, the reality is much deeper in color than the photo.  Lighting.  Never right, either too dark when you want it light or too light when you want it dark!

So here is my "wall" of frames.  I know, I know.  One or two colors, but it was just screaming for this purpley pink stripe.  But I do so love the graphic-ness of the bold black frames.

We shall see, we all know it can change in a heartbeat!


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