Friday, August 12, 2011

Missing the "15 minute Fix!".....Calling in well to work, a visit to the parts dept., scrap bin, and some fun selvages=collage fun!

CELEBRATING! the gift of hands and all that they communicate and create. I love the surprise and quiet acts that hands do naturally and hence I left little contrast between the background fabric and the fingers. Isn't it wonderful when a visit to the scrap bin has a wonky heart already pieced and begging to be used?
WINGing it today!  May love be in the palm of your hand  and as one of the selvages inspire,
"Make Some Magic!"
Love, Em


Debra said...

Hi Victoria,
Love your site, just found. Love the made fabric. So inspiring! Can you tell me are your blocks a standard size?
Happy day

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Love that wonky heart! Those are the best kinds!

Cathy said...

Em you're a gem. Love the hand. Hugs,

Miki Willa said...

Love the hand. You are so creative.