Friday, August 5, 2011

Received my Solids Swap Today

BONUS!  More than one piece came in the brighly colored bag!  I am so excited.  And Song was so worried I would not like it.  That cannot be further from the truth.

Your work is beautiful!  You can see them here with one of my prized purchases, Jose the Bull.  (complete with gunshot to the forehead).  I got him for $40 from some antique place in Denham Springs about 15 years ago.  Frank thought I was nuts, so that made him even a better deal.

I love my very graphic Southwest landscapes.  The quilting is perfect.  I have been to places that look like this. 

And as a bonus bonus, (and believe it or not I really needed this) she included a mug rug in there made of the solids fabrics.  I needed one to sit by the mousie on my computer table.


Thank you SOOOOO much Song.  You are wonderful, girl, just wonderful.

glen:  thank you my new friend, thank you

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Anonymous said...

Glen, I am SO glad you like them.