Friday, September 23, 2011

BOM quilt

I've been staring at these random blocks all week - all unrelated - the big pink ones are from a donation to Project Linus and I knew I had some blue stars lurking too. Then I got Victoria's email yesterday which has got me thinking about combining my BOM blocks with some orphan Linus blocks.- to make a quilt for Project Linus.. can anything become of this merger?? This is my next idea.
I like the idea of the pinks and blues but would like to add something a bit quirky out of 'made fabric' onto the large pink triangles.. like an applique something or other?? any ideas as to what is called for , would be greatly appreciated


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Perhaps look to your lights and darks. I am seeing your brightest light, (is it white?) and your darkest dark, which is what?navy blue? bottom right hand corner? What about a exciting RED? Show us some options, this will be fun to see how you make your choices!

Miki Willa said...

I agree with Victoria. I would like to see more darks - red or blue, I think. I really like what you have so far.

Dogwood said...

whatever you do will be so appreciated by project linus. i sew blankets for our local chapter and each one fills me with love.
smiles to you.


I would fuse some really big wonky solid yellow, orange, and red orange flowers in those areas and then finish them with a blanket stitch by machine.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys for your top tips - much appreciated -hope you like how it turned out ?!! Needlewings - a machine that blanket stitches?? I would love one of those..I might start a Christmas wish list now!!