Sunday, September 18, 2011


So it may be one day late, but I want to talk about inspiration. Nature is out there, cityscapes are out there, but we are all inspired by what is available to us. The fabrics in the shops/online, fashion and even the color council whoever they are. Fashion in colors and prints change periodically. It seems colors and prints morph about every 10 years or so. While some bemoan these changes they will continue to go on and you will always be able to find fabrics to love and inspire. These fabrics are not the newest thing, but they make me feel inspired to use them. The stripe is still percolating in my mind. The birds haven't found a home yet, but will at some point. Fabric and combining them always inspires me.

The second big inspiration for me is books of blocks and books of antique quilts. I have quite a lot of quilt block books. Some obscure and some very common. As I look at these blocks, one with call my name and I will begin to imagine how it would look in a quilt or how to tweak it to make a variation of that block. Antique quilts, not the one made for show or contests, can be great for finding inspiration. Why did the quilter use those colors? Why are there different shades and tones of the same color? Did the quilter make the design static or infuse it with life? Is the design subtle or graphic? I love all those quirky quilts whether planned or just happened. They inspire me to take that little quirk and create something new from it.


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Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

never late to share inspiration! love the bird fabric...great color in it!