Monday, September 5, 2011

A really GOOD challenge

Hello 15 minutes Players!
I've got a challenge for you!

I am working away on a commission quilt using a friends retired Air force uniforms, 
and I have a lot of BITS and pieces, like pockets, and things with seams etc.
And my friend asked that the left over fabrics got to 
making another quilt for Quilts of Valor.


I am looking for 24 people to participate.

ALL 24 spots are full.

Who is in for a challenge?

I send you the camo uniform BITS,
 you make me a 12.5 unfinished Any style of block pattern
 that you see fit that
Honors those who have stood up for this country.
 (finished block size will be 12")

1. Please incorporate some 15 minute made fabric into your blocks.

2. you MUST use the CAMO fabric in SOME WAY in your block.
as much of it as you like.

3. You can add what ever fabrics you like, 
think red white blue, and camo colors. like brown green beige etc.

4. I will need the blocks back no later than October 31th.

leave a comment, AND
 EMAIL me your name and address to:
bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com

You must email me your info or it won't get sent to you.
 I will not be tracking people down... due to time issues.

This will be a truly special quilt.  I hope your game!

My hand is sore from all this cutting! 
But it's A GOOD sore!


♥Duff said...

Of course! I'm up for the challenge!

Lynn said...

Me too! Sounds fun!

Chris said...

Of course, it would be an honor.

Alexis said...

I would love to make a block. Sending you an email!

Margaret said...

I want to contribute too.

PatSloan said...

if you still need a player let me know... sounds like fun!

Sara said...

Yes, I want to play! Sending an e-mail now.

Saska said...

I'll help make a block if you still need help.

Cyndi said...

Count me in! We're retired Air Force, so this will be close to home.

quiltzyx said...

I'll make one!
Will email next....

Heather Jones said...

I'd love to help out. My grandfather was a marine in WWII and I'd be honored to make a block. Emailing you now!

Sewing In CT said...

I'm game! I'm also making a r, w & b quilt for a friend whose son is out there now. Toni

Mego said...

Sure I'm game for a block! Sending you my address NOW!

Kathy said...

If I'm not too late, I'll make a block. sending email. Katherine