Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shapes and Squares

I am so far behind on everything, but today I had a chance to catch up a bit.  Here are my shapes......did I show them already.....I can't remember.  I have so much "stuff" going on I started seeing the Family Counselor we met with during the Boyfriend-From-Hell Period.  She is helping me say no and cope with some rough stuff like my mom and my dog.  I feel like I need a shapes quilt myself to keep my head on straight!  Here is a leaf, a fish and an airplane if you didn't recognize it right away.  I am no artist and the fish is really good for me!

And here are my 9 patches!  Yeah.  And I still have a Basics Quilt to mail.  Maybe I will actually get 15 minutes to put all these packages together and another half an hour to hit the post office.
I also learned that after the freedom of making fabric and free form piecing Tonya's letters, I no longer have the ability to match seams.  Incredible.  The 9 patches look like they were made to be "wonky" and they are not.  But they are. 

I must be in a "blue" mood because everything I pulled ended up being blue.  I made myself get into the green and yellow mode for that top left one!

But I really like the way they are looking.  I can hardly wait to see your quilt!

Now to work on Cindy!


PS:  Ok, I just realized that I am NOT a part of this 9 patch bee one.  LOL.  I just saw the block posting and made some, so Chris, if you want to send me your address, I will send them to you!  They are already made and waiting for you!  And they were fun!


Cyndi said...

This reminds me-- how DOES one get into the "bees" ?

San-Dee said...

they are wonderful, Glen and I can't wait to get them and put the lap quilts together-I think I will have enough shapes for two! Or I will have one REALLY crowded quilt.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Glen! I hope things calm down for you! I love your airplane and shapes! I've hadto many things on my plate as well... I need to get focused again and find my stride and get some projects done... :-)