Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Patriotic wall hanging

The last couple of days between visiting friends, sewing a bit and laundry have been somewhat busy...Today was PJammie day and oh boy was that tough.  I stayed in my Jammies until close to 4P.M.  Yes, I was being lazy drinking my coffee and thumbing through Quilt Magazines.  Bill was gone and I was really in disguise as a lazy old woman keeping the watch up for bears.  I was looking for a star so I could quilt some stars on my little patriotic flag quilt.

I finished the baby quilt for my friend whose baby is due this month.  Just have to make a label and wait for her to be born.  I have added borders to two more quilts.  Pics don't exactly show them well.  I will have to find a better place to show stuff.  Of course they are mostly just the tops besides the baby quilt and they always look better and have substance after they are quilted.

I do have pretty Morning Glory's growing or I did until I took the vine off my Hibiscus.  Might have killed that baby...oh well, I will plant another seed next spring.  The plant just wrapped itself around and vined over everything near.  I love my Hibiscus and I did not want the vine killing it.

The colors in the quilt above do not show true.  It is very bright...almost need sunglasses. I love the purples, browns, yellows and teals and of course lime green..  Enjoy.

More quilts next time.....Until we meet again......

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

You are getting some UFO's finished aren't you? did you quilt your little blue one you posted earlier int eh week?