Monday, November 14, 2011

Seeing STARS!!!

Here's an updated picture of the Camo Blocks. I'm two blocks short...I need to get this quilt top sewn up in the next day or two, so I will whip up two more blocks from some of the scraps a few of you sent along! Thanks for that!  

My Friend BOB, whose uniforms these were, is on the Queen Mary II, now, with his family, sailing back from England to the US.  They will be staying with me for a couple days and I want this top ready so he can see what everyone contributed to.  How special!   I will be asking him if he has someone in mind, that he knows from his service, that may well deserve this quilt.

I also sat for a few minutes today to make one block for my December NEW'BEE blocks to give you another example... Any kind/size of star/s, these colors, set in anyway inside a 12.5" block... (feel free to use ones from our BOM too!) no white or black. The two fabrics I am sending you to include, are mailing out today...

Now, I gotta get Melinda's stars done!  And get my BOM quilt top together!!! 
Fun play day!

What will your 15 minutes of creative time look like today?  trying any new tricks?


sheila 77 said...

15 minutes play for me today is starting my Winter swap quilt and trying to make the design I've had in my head turn into fabric. !!

Maureen T. said...

Oh my! That is going to be spectacular!!